Chris + Jules

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Quite often I find myself in a state of inebriation, entirely intoxicated but not necessarily from alcohol although sometimes that’s the case too. I’m just perplexed by life and what we do and how we live and how we are and how the way we are defines the way we live and the way we live the way we love. Does that make sense?
Some would assume I’m living a life of recklessness or so society would have you think. Ha! Society, what a completely novel ideology… Each and every day I find myself searching for a temporal fix of joy mixed with sorrow. Just the right balance though. It’s a juggling act. You see it’s the dark times that make the light so great. I love life so much and it’s mainly through the experiences I have. I have legitimately built a business on relationships. The photography comes second. I’m not even a great photographer but the people I meet. My God. I meet people that inspire me and that comes through in the photos. People who show me what it means to be ecstatically happy. So abundantly content that they impart upon others the very joy that they hold within. And here I am calling this blessing work.
All of this brings me to Chris and Jules. Two people that have affected me like a ripple across an ocean. I feel more connected to humanity when I meet people that I miss and want to see again. I feel that with both of these humans. Whole heartedly. There’s a story here. The story of Chris and Jules and I can only hope that I brought it some justice. The experience and memory for me is strong and words can not describe how beautiful and unique this wedding was.
Here is my best try through images.

Music by Death Cab.

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  1. Rudolfus
    December 18, 2018

    Outstanding work my friend.

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