Brock + Melissa

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It’s a strange thing when you fall in love. Sometimes it’s quick, sometimes it takes time and sometimes it ebbs and flows, like the changing of seasons, it develops and shows new colours, it sheds its skin only to come back stronger next season but I know when it comes, everything becomes different.
Enough with the bullshit people write, the fluffy stuff that we think that people want to hear. To justify the things we do. I truly love this thing we call wedding photography and it’s not the weddings themselves, its the love at the centre of it all, the romance. I love seeing all the details and the effort gone into it all but the two people, hand in hand, eyes locked on one another throughout the day and the gentle ways in which they touch one another, that’s why I’m here. I found wedding photography at a time things were strange for me. I’ve shot weddings for a decade as a single man and I’ve often wondered what it’s like to experience all these seasons and now I’m constantly thinking of all the places that we will go.
I haven’t blogged a wedding in such a long time and it’s not because I haven’t wanted to but I’m somewhat unable to do so without overly obsessing over each and every frame, where it goes and how it is placed and I just can’t do it for every beautiful wedding I shoot because I’d never leave my computer and well quite frankly, I still want to be dancing at the end of certain days.

Having said that, I’m human and as such we all associate and connect with things individually, perhaps it’s a reflection of what we want, how we see. I absolutely loved this day with Brock and Melissa. I loved every thing about it. I loved the way Brock and Melissa looked at each other sitting at the Royal Oak days prior talking to myself and Solomon about their upcoming day. I loved the comfort and respect they had for the other and that no matter what happened they knew that nothing else mattered really, just that they were together. I loved on the day, the way Brock pulled Melissa in carefully, always a hand gently placed upon her, a quiet reassurance that he would always be there, always loving her and that’s the stuff I admire most about a good man.

Of course, the day was exquisite, the location, the details, the incredibly kind and jovial family members, the intimacy of the affair and don’t even get me started on Melissa’s dress but these are all just that, details. Beautiful, beautiful details albeit. Those things will be all but memories some day, but Brock and Melissa together will remain and well, hopefully these frames do some justice to the very essence of their incredible day.

So without any further ado, I’ll let the images do the remainder of the talking. After my monologue, it may come as no surprise that this one hit my heart pretty hard.

Be my mind, don’t like to think for myself all of the time
Be my soul, look into these eyes like no one before
Be my light, sunrise laughing cause we stayed up all night
Be my map, and we’ll leave with all the treasure we can grab.

Music by Caamp.


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