Bec + Alex

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I lost my license sometime last year. It’s not overly important, to the story that is. The correlation however, is that the week of this particular wedding, Bec was kind enough to pick me up and take me to the farm, where of course her and Alex would be getting married. It’s a good memory that week. It’s a beautiful memory. My life and friends and clients and couples have all kind of amalgamated into one running narrative. A story of sharing love and kindness and living, all of us in our own perception of time, each individually but also collectively. The Earth and the inhabitants of it really is something of such intense wonder. So many parallel narratives, seperate but together, disconnected but intrinsically intwined.
In the afternoon Alex drove me back home so we had a solid hour to get to know each other better. It’s in these moments where a relationship, a feeling or a sentiment can change or perhaps simply develop. You see, some couples I get to know better than others, and that may be for various reasons. It is what it is, that’s life. The narrative returns. The three of us had already spent a day together, chasing laughter across the South Australian Fleurieu Peninsula, so I felt I knew both Alex and Bec pretty well. I do love spending time with them and I have. I’ve enjoyed the playful nature they have with one another. The adoration, visible in their eyes or simply the gentle silences in which upon they seem so comfortable in each other’s arms. Back in the car however, things were different. It was two men, becoming friends. We spoke of love and hardship. Similarities between our lives arose and I felt a connection to Alex. I felt my heart respond to the man he is and how he came to be in that very car that very afternoon with me. I felt a warmth in the journeys his life has taken him. I felt the resilience and strength certain things have required of him and I knew for all that had been, Bec was always going to be the one, that in the end would fulfill all of his dreams. I remember that car ride like it was yesterday and so you see, life as you would have it is so very beautiful indeed.


Now that you know that short story, let me leave you with a perfect day. A perfect couple. And. A perfect love song told through imperfect images.

Music by Future Islands

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