Jessica + Dylan

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I first met Jessica at a photography workshop I was a part of last year. I don’t know much how other workshops look but as far as ours, it was a pretty intimate space. Some tears and many laughs spent amongst many drinks and chats over a couple days. A really beautiful way to share and ultimately meet people and have a meaningful impact on one another. I think that’s a large part of human life. Impacting people, being impacted by people, merging all of our stories. As a collective energy we are brought into each others lives for different reasons, at different times, sometimes seasonally, sometimes ephemerally, sometimes repeatedly and sometimes for perhaps the duration of one’s life. It’s a beautiful flow on effect of life and love and a love for life.
I guess you could say I think love is a pretty big deal. I mean, a really fucking big deal. It’s so much more than many of us think but perhaps so much less at the same time. Love is something like a feeling of nostalgia but it’s not a yearning for the past, it’s wanting the feeling of everything thing you’ve ever experienced in the past within the affection you have for another. It’s the subtleties from your human to the next. It’s the gentle touch that feels like no other and you’re not entirely sure why. It’s when you’re annoyed but still find that person cute. It’s a whole lot of shit that is so profoundly individual and tender that it’s the greatest story that could ever be told. Yet it is retold, again and again and that will never stop.

I’ve never thought of myself as an artist but perhaps I am. Life is art. Everything impacts everything. Everything. Maybe this is art. After all, there is here a part of me. I opened my heart to Jessica and in turn her and Dylan opened theirs to me. Whilst these images are for thee I was able to feel my own love vicariously through what it is I got to see and what you both gave me.
I’ll pick you up at midnight
We’ll run to beat the sunlight
We only get the one life
And I wanna feel your heartlines
I wanna feel your heartlines

Music by Mimicking Birds

Brooke + Chelsea

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There are so many things I am so unsure about. I’m unsure about who I am, how I treat people, insecurities I have, talent or a lack there of or simply the way that this upside down and fucked up society sees me. There has only ever been one thing I am sure of. It’s love. I’ve felt it a few times in my life. I’m always walking on such thin ice with it – always. But I am always sure of it when on the odd occasion it is here. So it’s no wonder that I am so drawn to this wedding thing. Heck I don’t even care about the industry as a whole. I care about the centre point of it all. I care about two people who are brave enough to commit to one another. To say, that for better or worse, they choose each other. Freedom found in promises given. Oh what an incredible life it would be to love and be loved in return.
I don’t blog very often anymore and it’s because I’m running out of time. I can’t carry on with this forever. It’s a ticking clock, reminding me that one day it will get too much, one way or the other. For now however I’m still good with this thing. It’s the one time I can feel love vicariously and although it brings me to tears, it’s strangely soothing. It’s a reminder that it’s still possible. If you dream big enough you may just fulfil those dreams. 
True love is such a difficult thing to find. It’s so difficult to find on your own accord and then you do and then some simple minded, lazy, self-righteous governmental policy maker says, oh no no, we can’t have that. Well to hell with that nonsense. Both Brooke and Chelsea like many others struggled for a long time to reconcile their love and laws. I’m here to tell you girls that I am proud of you. As I sit here and wipe tears from my eyes (ja, I know that I do that a lot, what of it?) I find solace in your beautiful smiles. I find solace in the fact you gave me an opportunity to let me into your lives, to love openly enough to allow me to document the most intimate.
I’ll never forget the moments we had together and I will carry on each day with the memory of it all in my heart. You are both such wonderful humans and I’m a better one for having met you both.

Here is to your love story that I know is just beginning.

Until we meet again soon girls.

Music by Alex the Astronaught.