A statement of union..

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There’s a song inside my head

Plays on constantly

Loud enough to wake the dead

It’s a song for you and me.

It has been several years now that I have been doing this wedding thing. I always said that I’ll only do it for as long as it fills me wholeheartedly. Fills me and fuels me. Soothes my soul and completes me. When I first started doing this, it was because friends or their friends had seen my work and so then I would be asked to create something for them. Now it’s different. I’ve put myself out there in many ways. I have shared my heart, I have cried and laughed in front of clients and in front of friends and the experiences and passing of energy has kind of amalgamated into one. Friends are just people you like to have around you and so my clients have become my friends. Having said that, we all only have a particular amount of time to give, we make incredibly strange decisions on who we want in our lives and the reasons for it. Sometimes the reasons for our choices are intangible but sometimes they are tangible but only through what would best be described as a feeling. It’s not pragmatic but rather, romantic. A feeling of comfort, of warmth and solace in the counterpart of another. I have a particular friend who indeed brings me this. Simple comfort. I admire and respect him, the way he sees the world and the way he sees me. I would love his angel purely on the basis of entrusting him but it’s much more than that because within their togetherness, their immense spiritual power is magnified and it’s something that’s incredibly humbling to witness.
A couple months ago I for the first time visited a magical piece of land they have bought and are beginning to make home. The day was one I will never forget but I wouldn’t be able to explain why if I tried. I guess it feels a little like love. The whole day, their land, their love for that land, the ties they have with it and over time will make further.

Oh my God, just the way that you’re breathing…
Feels like home to me.
Feels like home.

Music by Marti West.

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