Matt + Abi

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In the line of work that I do, I meet a wonderful variety of different people. They come from all walks of life, all with different backgrounds, all with unique perspectives on love, life and relationships. This variety is what drives me to seek further into my couples, to get to know them on an intimate level, to have a small grasp of what moves their hearts and souls.
Some moments in your life stand out more vividly than others. Sometimes the reason for this is tangible, easily digestible but sometimes it is elusive but perhaps for that reason the more beautiful. When you are not exactly sure why you are drawn to someone, there’s an enigmatic sense of wonder and appreciation. I’ll never forget the first time I sat with Matt and Abi at my home. I quietly observed and then I humbly spoke. Then I observed. You see, we spoke about many things, openly, unabashedly, without fear of judgement. We spoke about the complexities of life. Love lost and love gained. We spoke about Christ and how when the centre point of a relationship, He is the pillar upon which a husband and wife create their marriage. Faith aside, Matt and Abi and the way they are together is beautiful, they seem meek yet perfectly strong. Faith inclusive, well that’s another story. There’s a yoking that is beyond beautiful. I feel that whole heartedly from Matt and Abi and for this reason alone, I can not wait for their wedding.
So, that said; a few weeks back we spent an incredible afternoon at a special little spot I know and here is what transpired…

Music by Josh Garrels.

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