Adelaide Engagement { Kosta + Penny }

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Adelaide Wedding Photographer

Early in December of last year, Kosta, Penny and myself drove around with the top down and our hair (well not mine) in the air, adventuring and shooting. There were a lot of giggles, some shy smiles and a whole lot of fun. These two are getting married next weekend and their wedding is incidentally my first of the New Year – man is 2015 gonna be a good one! I feel like I say this so often it is becoming superfluous but I simply can’t believe the love I encounter, document and the friendships that I make. It has been a long road, one that has not always been easy but i’ve found my heart photographing people in love and I am eternally grateful. After some initial nerves, Kosta and Penny absolutely killed it so without any further ado, see for yourselves the unfolding love story of Kosta and Penny that is just beginning ~
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  1. Brittany
    February 3, 2015

    so intimate and beautiful! It has been too long since I visited your website so don’t mind me as I catch up on all the gorgeousness I’ve missed!

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