Gen + Dan

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I’m beginning to think I’m running out of time..
There are so many beautiful couples, so many beautiful memories to be had. So many moments to collect. Heart felt in my desires. I want to give in un unabashed completeness. After all, these moments shared with others are the moments that define our lives. I want to tell my love how much I care. I want to tell you that I’m here. I want so very much to be kind and loving and thankful for being loved…

This life is so wonderful though right?
I’m going to keep holding on to this feeling I have. With you. With me. We’ll all see. I promise you, in the end, we’ll all see.

Be kind people. Be fucking kind. We hear that shit a lot huh? Just be kind but it’s so darn simple, yet so darn hard. We get caught up in ourselves and we forget. Why we’re all here in the first place. Without you, would there be a me?

These guys are going to get married next weekend and so too, a new chapter will start…

For them.

For me.

For you…

We’ll all eventually see.

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Music by Big Ship.

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