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I love Hong Kong, it’s one of my favourite cities on the planet. It’s becoming a usual stop over for my annual Europe trip so when Ben and Kendall asked if I would do an e-shoot with them in the incredible city, more excited I couldn’t have been. I am photographing their wedding in little ole Adelaide next year but seeing as they live and work in Hong Kong and I suggested we could probably make some magic happen, we all started planning. Fast forward a few months and I was there.

Hong Kong is always an adventure. Absolutely always, so when I jumped aboard my first metro, I already felt a sense of excitement. There’s a real energy in Hong Kong, there’s an audible bustle that makes you feel a part of something much larger than yourself and your immediate surroundings. I find myself often feeling so lost but intrinsically connected when exploring Hong Kong. Three metros later I found myself in a very hilly part of the city, sky scrapers had made way to smaller streets, shops and restaurants, vernacular in their design, inviting curiosity with the sounds of merchant voices and the aromas of traditional cooking.

Sat in a little place called Pici Central, high above the city were Ben and Kendall and so we first met. I could write entire books about the people I meet, the psychology and morphosis inherent in those first moments, starting as strangers and slowly becoming friends. I can also sum it up in a few words and it’s the definition of living. So many people have such different stories and in many ways such similar stories but it’s the life blood of humanity. Meeting and learning from other humans is something I’ll never take for granted and the fact that I can basically put these interactions into the category of work feels borderline unfair. 

We spent a lot of time together that afternoon, beginning with good food and conversation and ending with a stormy boat ride in the dark from the very beach that Ben had spent much of his youth. In between though. That interstitial space, that infinitely complex grey area where we found a balance of work, photography and an exploration of love and adventure, well that’s what these photos are all about.

So with that said. Here is what happened when I travelled to Hong Kong to tell a small portion of the infinite love story that is Ben and Kendall.

See you next year lovers…

Music by Balmorhea.

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