Tess + Michael

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By now I think that most people who follow me have an understanding of my heart. I haven’t had an easy life when it comes to love. Please don’t mistake that for sorrow – it is what it is and there is a reason I’m mentioning it. You see, I am indeed hopelessly romantic. Completely and utterly and so ever since I was old enough to remember I wanted a best friend to share my life with. To do all those silly things together that only you and your partner can understand. To bring my lover water in the middle of the night when she is thirsty or make her breakfast in the morning just because it’s her. I have an overly delicate soul, I seem to feel things differently to most. I am gripped to my core with emotion when I hear a song, when I read a poem, when I look into the eyes of a girl I love and so too do I feel all these things when I shoot weddings. Not only that, I keep meeting couples that recognise my heart and they care for me, befriend me, welcome me into their lives and so I am so very thankful for being able to do what I do, even if it is only a chapter, as all things are chapters.

When I first met Tess and Michael, I was immediately taken aback by their connection, the way they admired each other openly but gently throughout our conversation. I remember thinking at one point that someday I hope to meet a girl who would look at me like Tess looks at Michael. As a young man, I remember my mother telling me that in order to truly love someone you must first admire them. Good solid advice Eva.

There are always so many elements that come together on a wedding day, so many back stories, so many cross roads. Tess is a young and talented architect, she followed in the footsteps of her father Max, who is arguably one of my favourite local architects here in South Australia. I studied architecture and so we all have some common ground and it was an absolute pleasure to not only see Tess’ beautiful home, which she herself designed with the help of her equally talented partner Michael but also to see the Pritchard home, where Tess grew up. I have no doubt, Tess would have seen her father working on drawings late into the night at this very home as a little girl and as life would have it, she too would become an architect. Tess and Michael’s home is a wonderful accomplishment in itself and is a testament to how they both worked together at something that is now a celebration of their connection, hard work and love.

I was welcomed so warmly on the day into both homes and families and the stories that revealed themselves reminded me of so much good, of so much hard work that goes into life and work and love, that I’m a better person for it…

Their wedding was everything that Tess and Michael’s wedding should be. It was designed, it was beautiful, it was dramatic and it was filled with two (amongst many more) incredible smiles that resonated the love they share.
God, I love this wedding stuff. Oh and I think LOVE is a pretty fucking big deal too.
Sooo, the story…

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Tess + Michael Tess + Michael Tess + Michael Tess + Michael Tess + Michael Tess + Michael Tess + Michael Tess + Michael Tess + Michael Tess + Michael

Michelle + Corey

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I’m sitting at my desk.. I’m listening to the sound of birds mixed with traffic. Contemporary piano notes from Ludovico resonate through my mind. I’ve been carefully selecting, compiling, composing this narrative of images.  A narrative of two people who have started something together. A bond that is sacred, promised, entered into boldly. The melody of life is one of momentum and rhythm, we breath and we strive but ultimately we have this gift of love that is one of our greatest human expressions. If you can allow people the space to open their hearts and share their love for one another to you, you can feel. You can grasp a sense of their emotions. Vicariously. Sometimes even tangibly. You can enjoy the love of everything in and around us. Loving and living were never meant to be seperate, nor were they to be categorised, they are one in the same. A symbiotic relationship reliant upon the other.  I’m trying to love and live, with my friends, with the couples I meet, with all the fucking magic in this world. What an incredible adventure it would be to just love and live..

Michelle and Corey met me on a particularly moody afternoon to share some of themselves with me and in return I hope that I shared something with them. There’s a connection now. We’ve moved through space together, travelled along similar frequencies. Been vulnerable with one another. Placed trust in one another. Is that not a big part of the way we love? To trust one another, with our very greatest of possessions.
Now, I’m sharing these images with you, the very moments we shared and caught within frames of space and time. Whoever it is you may be or however it is you found yourself here. And now, the narrative moves on. Passing a piece of something to you. Perhaps nostalgia, perhaps a sense of wonder for a story that you are disconnected from but intrinsically a part of. We all are. We’re all a part of something wonderful, of some greater good and I believe deeply we can change our perceptions. Our attitudes. Our transgressions. We can start a fucking revolution…


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A few weeks passed…










but from here on in I’ll let the melody carry you through.