Hey hey there! I’m Tomek…

Don’t be afraid by the length of this. I want to let you know a piece of my heart so that you can better decide if you’d like to make some memories with me.
Today is a big day for me. I have a coffee in hand, music in my ears and tears streaming down my cheeks. It’s Friday, it’s like any other day but last night I finished my new website and so today, well today I thought I should update those complex and vulnerable little words about me.
You’re probably wondering why the tears. Well, I cry every now and then. Guys reading this – it’s alright to do that, trust me. You see, I feel so incredibly connected to life and our world, through poetry, songs, fading memories and of course photography. So sometimes, when I turn on that favourite song and sit down to take in the day ahead, think about the past and look forward to the future I am over whelmed. I am taken over by emotion, I feel intrinsically connected to the past and future and then just let life be. Take it in. Take a breath. Cry, laugh, yell, dance but don’t be still. Make memories. I don’t know if this is the only chance we’ve got but I’ll tell you this, It’s a pretty big gamble to not live like it is.

I am an Adelaide based photographer but I will travel to Antarctica if you want me to. In fact, can we please travel to Antarctica and see what happens?

So I have this fancy piece of paper that says I have a degree in Architecture but at the core of it all, I am a photographer. Often we do not have control over our destiny, we simply follow the path before us. I chose architecture and through a series of events, photography chose me. My father was a naval architect by trade but only briefly worked as such. My mother was a journalist but also, only briefly worked in said field. The common denominator was ‘story telling’. My mother had the skill through words and for as long as I remember my dad was photographing anything and everything, so I guess it was only a matter of time until I wanted to tell my own stories.

Fast forward several years and this is not only my job but my lifestyle. I feel like i’ve lived a hundred life times. Some days I feel exhausted. I have seen and felt some pretty terrible things but each and every day I smile knowing that these are just things that make me who I am. You see, I could talk all day about perspective, about how were are all so incredibly blessed, in one way or another. Open your eyes to the love around you, smile at a stranger, let someone cry on your shoulder. We are all in this together. I often hear people people say that they have lost their faith in humanity. I don’t like hearing this. I think what we have lost is the ability to focus on the fact that there is infinitely more good in humanity than bad. I promise.

There are so many types of photography that I am drawn to but are you getting the idea that perhaps I am somewhat of a romantic? Ohh, I did forget to mention that I actually cry in romantic comedies.
The truth. The truth is I can’t believe that what I do really consists of two things. I make friends, really good and close friends and then I make beautiful images of them. The friendship may be ephemeral but the bond is forever. We connect, we talk. I’ll tell you anything you want. I have no secrets in business and I have no secrets in life. You will tell me a little about yourself and I will ask you questions you have never been asked in the hope that you giggle just a little and your soul warms just a little. The only way I can create beautiful memories for you is by getting to know you. I only want to create something for you that you will love and cherish. That’s it.

Am I lucky to be where I am? Damn straight I am. We all are. We must never forget where we have been and what we have seen. You’ve probably had your heart broken. God knows I have. You have probably been hard done by, we all have, it’s ok but LOVE is the most amazing gift we have so let’s be kind to one another and document just that.

If you’ve gotten to the end of my ramblings, well I commend you. You’re one step closer to knowing my heart. If you’d like to catch up over a coffee or a beer, we will start with hellos and end with hugs. Perhaps along the way, we can find a way to make our world’s collide.

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