Jess + Sam + Orla

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I lost my mother at a time that was cruel to me. I lost her in a way that no one should ever have to experience. I miss her so much. I miss the family I may never have. Fling me to the fucking moon because I am so sad she will never meet you.

This shoot came at a time in my life where everything had changed forever. That’s the thing about life. Sometimes a single moment or a feeling or a person can change its course forever. Sometimes you don’t know at the time and sometimes a decision can define you for the rest of your life.

Bike stacked, coats racked in the hallway
Night out, I’m wrecked, it’s been a long day
Tucked in, green wind put my head down
Where are you? Where ya been? I need you around

We could build a house away from here
You and me in the middle of nowhere
Fight the frost of the morning blue
I don’t care, I just wanna get warm with you

Wake, my minds on you.

Music by Bear’s Den.


Jessica + Dylan

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I first met Jessica at a photography workshop I was a part of last year. I don’t know much how other workshops look but as far as ours, it was a pretty intimate space. Some tears and many laughs spent amongst many drinks and chats over a couple days. A really beautiful way to share and ultimately meet people and have a meaningful impact on one another. I think that’s a large part of human life. Impacting people, being impacted by people, merging all of our stories. As a collective energy we are brought into each others lives for different reasons, at different times, sometimes seasonally, sometimes ephemerally, sometimes repeatedly and sometimes for perhaps the duration of one’s life. It’s a beautiful flow on effect of life and love and a love for life.
I guess you could say I think love is a pretty big deal. I mean, a really fucking big deal. It’s so much more than many of us think but perhaps so much less at the same time. Love is something like a feeling of nostalgia but it’s not a yearning for the past, it’s wanting the feeling of everything thing you’ve ever experienced in the past within the affection you have for another. It’s the subtleties from your human to the next. It’s the gentle touch that feels like no other and you’re not entirely sure why. It’s when you’re annoyed but still find that person cute. It’s a whole lot of shit that is so profoundly individual and tender that it’s the greatest story that could ever be told. Yet it is retold, again and again and that will never stop.

I’ve never thought of myself as an artist but perhaps I am. Life is art. Everything impacts everything. Everything. Maybe this is art. After all, there is here a part of me. I opened my heart to Jessica and in turn her and Dylan opened theirs to me. Whilst these images are for thee I was able to feel my own love vicariously through what it is I got to see and what you both gave me.
I’ll pick you up at midnight
We’ll run to beat the sunlight
We only get the one life
And I wanna feel your heartlines
I wanna feel your heartlines

Music by Mimicking Birds